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Reputable Wisdom Teeth Removal in Costa Rica

When it comes time to have permanent adult teeth retracted, you can rest assured that having your wisdom teeth removal procedure in Costa Rica will be convenient and safe. The highly-skilled healthcare professionals at Dental Coto use only the finest standards for materials and tools, and, from the beginning of our services to your time of recovery, you will be in reliable hands. After a dental professional has recommended that you proceed with this surgical procedure, it is important to move forward to prevent any future problems that could result from the teeth becoming impacted.

Which of your teeth are referred to as wisdom teeth?

This set of teeth are the four permanent adult teeth set in the far corners of your mouth on both the top and bottom. These teeth are also referred to as third molars and typically appear from under the surface of your gums between ages 17 and 25, though some notice them throughout earlier and later ages. The third molars are the last teeth to develop for most people; however, there are some who never develop their wisdom teeth. When the molars appear, it is not abnormal for them to fully develop without issues as the other molars have. Because of this, some people are never recommended to undergo a wisdom teeth extraction procedure, but it is highly common for many individuals to have these teeth removed due to pain from impaction, dental infection or simply to create more space for the surrounding teeth within the mouth’s corners.

What happens when the teeth are impacted?

If you have developed impacted third molars, the teeth will either grow at an angle toward its second molar neighbors, toward the back of the mouth, or at a 90 degree angle toward the other teeth, creating a trap within the jawbone. 

Some of the symptoms that will lead to a dental professional recommending extraction are: the discovery of infection or gum disease, decay within a partially erupted molar, damage to surrounding teeth or bone and experiencing moderate to severe pain.

What should you expect from the procedure?

During the tooth extraction, your dentist or oral surgeon will safely administer a form of anesthesia, which will either be local, sedation or general. The type of anaesthetic utilized will be determined based on your level of comfort and the severity of the tooth removal. Once you are under the impact of the anesthesia, the dental professional will carefully create a small incision within the gum around the affected molar and bone. If needed, any bone that is creating a hindrance to the third molars will also need to be removed, and the molars will be deconstructed into pieces if the dentist finds it easier to extract the tooth from the gums. Once the teeth are removed, the dental team will ensure that each site extracted from is cleaned with the highest level of sanitation and safety. When necessary, the sites will receive stitches for a more efficient process of healing, but most patients will simply have gauze placed over the affected areas to control the bleeding. 

Whether you would like to obtain a consultation or schedule the procedure for your wisdom teeth removal, contact us today to speak to the trustworthy staff at Dental Coto!