Man before and after Porcelain Veneers and whiten
Woman before and after Porcelain Veneers
Man before and after Porcelain Veneers

Reliable Porcelain Veneers in Costa Rica

Obtaining porcelain veneers in Costa Rica through a reputable clinic like Dental Coto can be done at a significantly lower cost than having the treatment completed in many other countries, making it a compelling case to restore your smile while making a vacation that you won’t forget. While getting dental veneers is often used as a purely cosmetic restoration to improve the appearance of your teeth if they have suffered staining over time, it is also a highly-effective route to resolve other dental issues. The types of problems that veneers can address include: weakness and wear within a tooth, chips and breaks, misalignment or gaps between surrounding teeth.

What is the process of getting porcelain veneers in Costa Rica?

The initial process involves visiting a clinic to have x-rays taken of your full mouth and to receive impressions of the teeth for the model to be created specifically for your mouth’s structure and individual teeth. You’ll want to discuss with the doctor exactly what you are hoping to achieve by receiving this treatment and the appearance that you desire to ensure that your goals are accomplished properly. Once these initial steps have been completed, your dentist will begin by trimming any enamel necessary from the surface of the teeth before placing the veneer so that the addition is the height that the tooth should be normally, and the team will use a local anesthetic if needed to numb the area prior to removing the enamel. From these impressions, a model will be constructed of your teeth and sent to the lab to form the porcelain veneers. If desired, a temporary set can be placed in the meantime to improve appearance. After the veneers have been formed, you will receive a second visit for your doctor to determine that the piece is an exact fit for your mouth. You will also receive a thorough teeth cleaning prior to being covered by the veneers. Any further trimming will then be completed if necessary for the best fit, and, once the piece is ready, your doctor will tediously cement the veneers to your teeth. Any excess cement will be removed after placement, and the team will evaluate your bite to ensure that you are comfortable. Any small adjustments can be made from here to finalize the process of your treatment.

Why should I get veneers for my teeth?

Veneers typically last over 7 years and up to 15, making them a relatively long dental solution for your teeth and minor issues present. As porcelain veneers provide a beautifully natural appearance for your teeth, resist teeth staining, and are safely compatible with your gum’s tissue, this form of dental treatment is advantageous and an excellent form of restoration internally and externally for your teeth. With the low cost of receiving porcelain veneers in Costa Rica, undergoing the treatment in this location has become a popular decision within the past several years, and the renowned team at Dental Coto excels at providing this and all other standard dental treatments within a state-of-the-art facility. Contact us today to learn more about how veneers can improve your mouth’s health and your smile!