Periodontal Disease Treatment in Costa Rica
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Renowned Periodontist in Costa Rica

Visiting a renowned periodontist in Costa Rica is a highly reliable choice for resolving gum disease and other dental issues and significantly more cost-effective than doing so in the United States and some other countries. It is still unknown to some what the primary differences are between a periodontist and general dentistry, but this is a special practice within the dental field that can greatly benefit patients who have experienced serious decay or who desire to undergo certain oral procedures, such as receiving dental implants.

What is a periodontal specialist?

A periodontist is a dental professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating periodontal disease, as well as instructing patients on preventative measures to avoid facing this. This type of specialist also focuses on the area of dental implants and resolving extensive inflammation of gum tissue. To obtain a degree as a periodontist, several additional years of education are required, and these practitioners are more than capable of diagnosing and treating your specific needs in these areas as a result. Along with their extensive knowledge treating problem areas involving the gums and roots, periodontal specialists are highly trained in performing a number of cosmetic procedures to restore a beautiful smile in the healthiest manner.

Who would be a good candidate to visit a periodontist?

Some general issues that will be described can be treated by a general dentist, but the severity of many can lead dentists to recommend a patient to visit a periodontal specialist. If you have witnessed a noticeable change in your bite while brushing your teeth, talking or chewing, this could be a symptom of deeper issues that a periodontal specialist can resolve prior to experiencing long-term damage. One of the first and most noticeable signs that you should visit this type of specialist is that your gums have become inflamed and red and bleed frequently while brushing or flossing. Without proper treatment, this could lead to serious gum disease and severe gum pain over time. If you have noticed that your gums have been receding, which can make your teeth appear larger than they were, it would be beneficial to visit a specialist to check for advanced gum recession, which can be a symptom of periodontal disease. Additionally, experiencing consistent pain within or around an area of your gums could point to a larger issue of gum disease and should be examined by a professional who has been trained specifically within this area of the dental field. 

What will a visit with a periodontist entail?

Visiting a periodontal specialist begins with the doctor thoroughly reviewing the patient’s dental records and full medical history to ensure a complete understanding of their background, other previous dental issues and a comprehensive list of medications that the patient may be taking. Knowing these items greatly assists the specialist, as some medical issues can impact the treatment of periodontal disease. The doctor then completes a careful examination of the patient’s mouth, particularly the gums, to assess the bite and look for any recession of the gums. A special probing tool will be utilized to measure the space between the gums and teeth and pockets that can contain disease or display further gum loss. An extensive examination of this nature will provide the specialist with much of the information that they need to diagnose the patient or recommend any procedures necessary to restore gum health, but x-rays may also be taken for additional reference of the bone structure. Visiting a periodontal specialist at Dental Coto is a low cost solution to discovering areas that are causing your mouth trouble and that could compromise your oral health in the future. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your examination!