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Low Cost Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment in Costa Rica

Having your laser teeth whitening treatment completed in Costa Rica can be a great way to quickly and effectively enhance your smile at a lower cost than most professional whitening treatments offered in the United States and other countries. Because much of the equipment required to professionally and safely whiten teeth costs healthcare professionals a higher cost in the United States and Europe, most dental facilities are unable to offer teeth whitening procedures at the more appealing price that dental clinics in Costa Rica can. Though prices vary in this area of Central America, Costa Rica dental clinics utilize the same level of attention and the highest standards for each dental treatment.

So, what makes teeth whitening a desirable dental treatment?

It is a non-invasive, relatively quick cosmetic procedure that can dramatically improve the aesthetic of your teeth, creating a beautiful smile that you and others will notice in a positive way. Your smile is ultimately one of the physical traits that others see most, and an improved smile can also greatly improve your level of confidence. As you age, the structure of your teeth alters with time as well, and the color of your teeth naturally becomes darker. Many foods and non-clear liquids that you consume can also impact the appearance of your teeth by staining the enamel. Undergoing a quick laser teeth whitening treatment can resolve the discoloration and staining issues that your teeth have experienced over time and bring you the bright white smile that you deserve to show off.

The laser teeth whitening treatment has become very popular in recent years as it has several advantages above at-home or in-office tray whitening treatments. It is a safe and reliable cosmetic procedure that does not adversely affect the structure of your teeth or do damage to your gums. Laser teeth whitening is also faster than tray whitening as it does not require more than one round of treatments to begin noticing a difference in improved color. The process of laser teeth whitening involves just a few steps that generally take place within one hour total at the dental clinic. Your dental provider will first protect your gums by placing a fitted rubber seal inside your mouth and around your gums. After a layer of naturally-leveled pH bleaching gel is applied to the teeth, the dentist will begin applying the laser containing the whitening gel carefully across each tooth to activate a mineral accelant. As this continues to cover your teeth’s enamel, the whitening gel will begin to penetrate below the surface of the tooth to the lower levels, creating a long-lasting result. Since the process of the laser treatment makes the whitening occur faster, you can see a difference in the color of your teeth as soon as the treatment has been completed. With laser teeth whitening, your teeth could see a difference of up to six shades brighter, and, for a low cost to you, there’s no reason to wait. Contact us today!