Inlay procedure in 3D, to explain the process
3 different dental procedures in 3D
top of mouth showing in lays

Beautiful Dental Inlays and Onlays in Costa Rica

Did you know that you can receive beautiful dental inlays and onlays in Costa Rica as a high-quality, reliable alternative to traditional, amalgam fillings? The exceptional dental care provided by the staff at Dental Coto within their state-of-the-art facilities will result in a revived appearance for your smile and at a lower cost than many treatment offerings in the United States. Receiving inlays and onlays are is an exceptional solution for filling a cavity and will appear as your natural teeth within the mouth, creating a nearly invisible restoration. Existing fillings can even be replaced by these exceptional pieces so that no silver appears and distracts from the appearance of your teeth and smile.

What are the benefits of dental inlays and onlays?

The process of cleaning the inlays and onlays is easier and more comfortable than a filling or crown due to the fact that it is designed to fit perfectly on your teeth. The aesthetic of these pieces is an advantage, as it is unlikely to discolor in the way that a resin filling can over time. While the size of other fillings may alter over time or during the curing process, inlays and onlays do not do so and are a great choice for the structure of your tooth as a result. The nature of inlays and onlays aid in preserving the natural tooth and increasing the longevity of its health. The level of their stability can strengthen the tooth, even when damaged, and this is due to the resilient material of which they are constructed and the fit designed specifically for each patient’s needs and individual teeth.

What is the process of receiving dental inlays and onlays in Costa Rica?

When you decide that an onlays treatment is right for you and your restorative needs, you can schedule your first visit with Dental Coto to have impressions of the tooth or teeth experiencing issues. This will be used to develop the pieces with the exact specifications that fit your teeth perfectly. While the permanent fixtures are being formed by a lab, the team of dental professionals at the clinic will provide you with a temporary piece that comfortably fits within your mouth and protects your teeth until the final treatment has been completed. At the next visit, the temporary piece will be removed to make way for the permanent onlays, and, after a numbing agent has been applied to ensure your ultimate comfort, the onlays will be set in place. The dentist will ensure that the piece fits tightly onto the tooth being restored and that there are no issues with your bite, and, once it is determined a perfect fit, the onlays will be bonded in place with cement. Your teeth will then be rinsed to remove any extra residue and will be polished as the final part of your treatment to create a smooth feel. Dental inlays are an even quicker process, as the porcelain pieces can be tailored for your teeth within the same visit. After the custom pieces have been crafted in a perfect mold for you, they too will be cemented into place and followed by the same ending process as completed with onlays. With an efficient approach and a natural-looking resolution to restore decay, cavities and breaks, both inlays and onlays are an exemplary treatment that will leave you highly satisfied. Contact Dental Coto today to learn more or to schedule your visit.