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Meticulous Full Mouth Cleaning in Costa Rica

It is a common recommendation by both dental professionals and insurance providers to receive a proper dental cleaning one to two times per year, and you can experience a meticulous full mouth cleaning in Costa Rica at Dental Coto to check off those boxes. Without insurance, a full teeth cleaning in many countries can be quite expensive due to the tedious process and the high markup of operating a business and purchasing dental tools. Even with insurance, the remaining co-pay can be more than some expect, and, prior to meeting a deductible, the full cost of the treatment may be expected by some providers. At Dental Coto, however, you can find exceptional dental professionals who utilize equipment and materials made in the United States or Europe and are able to operate the clinic at a significantly lower cost, making dental treatments and procedures more affordable for you. 

What is the process of a full mouth cleaning?

The purpose of an all-encompassing dental cleaning is to fully remove plaque, tartar and surface stains from the teeth that have accumulated and can cause damage to your teeth if left untouched. General oral hygiene and maintenance calls for daily brushing and flossing of the teeth, which aids in reducing buildup and staining, but a professional cleaning will be able to clean more deeply and improve your hygiene health. At the start of your appointment, the dentist may recommend for you to receive a full set of x-rays or photographs in order to check for shifting, cavities or other issues. In this case, you may also receive a rubber insert to hold your mouth open for easier access of photos, and a protective vest will be placed over you if x-rays are being taken. Your dentist will then review the results and advise on any findings. If any cavities or other problem areas are found, he will recommend a treatment plan to resolve those. 

Next, a hygienist or dentist will remove hard calculus from the surfaces of your teeth through a process called scaling. This is completed using a small, handheld tool, and deposits of plaque and tarter will be scraped off. In cases that the plaque is more abundant, an electronic scaler may be utilized to take off larger pieces of the tarter. The process is not uncomfortable, as merely a gentle vibration is felt during removal. Next, the team will complete the polishing process, which involves another device that is similar in appearance to an electric toothbrush. When tooth polishing occurs, the smooth texture that results on the surface of your teeth makes it more difficult for plaque to build up and live there. Additionally, the teeth receive a fresh, shiny look after having any surface stains removed, and you will feel a significant, smooth difference within your mouth. 

After your mouth has been sufficiently cleaned, the dental team may recommend receiving a fluoride treatment. This aids in strengthening the enamel of your teeth, which is an important component of fighting decay and deeper staining. The process involved in the fluoride treatment will either be swishing with a fluoride rinse or for the hygienist to apply a topical gel to your teeth. Typically, flavor choices of the solutions are available to make the experience even more pleasant, and, after the quick and easy application, you’ll avoid eating for around an hour to allow the solution to set in. 

Dental cleaning treatments are a vital piece of maintaining your optimal oral hygiene, and, with the exceptional quality of full mouth cleanings in Costa Rica, there is much to smile about. Contact our team at Dental Coto today to schedule your appointment or learn more!