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Low Cost Dentures in Costa Rica

Whether you are looking for an appealing replacement for several missing teeth or for your entire mouth of teeth, Dental Coto offers partial and complete low cost dentures in Costa Rica to restore your smile to its natural beauty. Replacing teeth with a denture that has a natural appearance similar to the rest of your teeth can greatly improve a patient’s confidence, as well as the ability to chew and bite properly and without causing further damage to the gums or bone. While receiving dental implants can also be a recommended procedure to resolve this, some patients find that dentures are preferable due to their flexibility. Because this style of restoration is not permanent and fixtures can be removed at a patient’s will, they can be quite appealing and still have the benefit of appearing naturally within the mouth while being worn. Though there are two overarching categories of denture fixtures provided in Costa Rica, there are also subcategories within each, and a dental professional will be able to recommend the best option for your needs during a consultation at the state-of-the-art clinic. 

What are the options for dentures in Costa Rica?

Depending on the amount of teeth that will need to be replaced, there are two general options for your treatment: complete and partial. A complete set is necessary to restore a smile that has lost many teeth or an entire set of teeth either due to decay, disease or severe trauma. The complete category also includes two more specific options: conventional and immediate. The conventional style is created after teeth have been removed surgically and the period of healing for the gums has taken place. This typically takes between eight to twelve weeks, and, once the dentist determines that the mouth is ready to receive the dentures, the set can be placed for the patient to begin wearing the replacement teeth. The immediate style, however, is crafted prior to the teeth being removed and can be set into the mouth immediately after the procedure. This allows for the patient to avoid experiencing a period of time without teeth after the natural teeth have been removed. The other primary category for dentures, the partial option, is crafted using fixtures that appear like your natural teeth and a base that appears like your natural gums, which is used to connect the teeth together. This option is used for patient’s who are not missing all teeth and prevents surrounding teeth from shifting as it is worn. In many cases, crowns are implemented on either sides of the missing teeth in order for the clasps of the partial to connect to while in the patient’s mouth. This provides additional stability and support for the fixture with a natural appearance but still allows for the denture set to be removed at any time that the patient prefers, which is often while sleeping. With a variety of low cost options for each individual case of missing teeth, receiving dentures during an efficient treatment process in Costa Rica is an amazing option to restore your smile. Contact Dental Coto today to set up a consultation or learn more.