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Dental Cavities before and after with dental fill ins
Before and after cavity and fill in
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High-Quality Dental Filling Options in Costa Rica

Finding high-quality filling options in Costa Rica has never been easier. Receiving your treatment from Dental Coto is a cost-effective way to resolve a cavity that has been discovered within a tooth and to maintain your optimal dental health. Within the state-of-the-art facility filled with world-class dental professionals, you’ll find several options for filling materials to restore your tooth based on your needs and goals for its appearance. The dentist can also provide a valuable recommendation for which type will serve you best, and this will be based on the extent of the disease within the tooth, your budget or insurance coverage, and the aesthetic that can best create the appearance that you desire.

What types of high-quality filling options are available?

There are currently a number of materials to choose from when receiving a filling treatment. The most common options include: porcelain, gold, glass ionomer, silver amalgam and composite resin, which appears as the color of your teeth and has a more natural look. Each of the styles has its advantages and disadvantages to some based on their particular case. With a gold filling, many find the durability and strength appealing, as it can endure hard pressure from chewing or biting and typically lasts between 10 to 15 years with the proper care. With gold, however, the cost can be higher than with the use of most other materials and can require two visits to place the filling.

Silver amalgam fillings are also durable and can last around the same amount of time as gold. Their cost is on the lower end of the spectrum for fillings, but some patients do not find the noticeable silver color attractive within the mouth. With amalgam, there is the chance of needing the tooth structure to be reconstructed more heavily in order to create ample space for the filling. This type can also expand over time, creating potential for cracking or fracturing for the tooth that it is placed on. Composite resin fillings have the advantage of closely resembling the color of the natural tooth so that it is not noticeable in appearance. This filling type is bonded to the tooth’s structure using a safe, chemical material, which provides increased support to the tooth overall. In many cases, the application of this style requires less of the tooth structure to be removed when restoring the tooth from its decay or disease, which is ultimately better for the tooth’s integrity. The composite resin material, however, typically lasts around five years before needing a restoration or replacement, and the process of receiving this type can last around 20 to 30 minutes longer than that of receiving some other styles. Because this style is matched to the color of your teeth specifically and has a higher cosmetic appeal, it is often more expensive than amalgam fillings. The advantage of a porcelain style, also known as ceramic, is that it is highly resistant to staining and can last 15 years or longer. Lastly, the glass ionomer material is most commonly used for filling a cavity or other restorative need for children. This type typically lasts around five years and is often recommended for fillings that reside below the gum line. 

Offering several types of filling options for your particular dental needs and desires, Dental Coto is an exceptional choice for your restorative treatment. Contact the team today with any questions regarding the materials available or to schedule an appointment.