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Trustworthy Dental Bridges in Costa Rica

If you have a gap between a tooth that is bothersome, you may consider having a dental bridge placed to resolve this. Getting a bridge is a dental treatment that bridges the gap between your teeth by implementing two crowns, which are placed on either side of the gap, and a false tooth in the middle of those crowns. This replicates the look of a natural tooth and can benefit your appearance and other issues that you may experience by having an empty space between your teeth. Some items that may be resolved from a dental bridge are: problems with chewing or speaking, issues with your bite, and teeth drifting out of their naturally-intended positions. There are three primary forms of dental bridges that the doctor will choose from for your particular mouth structure and situation: traditional, cantilever, and resin-bonded. No matter your dental needs, you can trust that Clínica Dental Coto will recommend the best bridge option for your teeth and will get you on your way to a healthier smile utilizing high-quality, modern materials.

Consider the trustworthy dental bridges in Costa Rica implemented by the expertise of Dental Coto’s professional staff. The purpose of a bridge is to join surrounding teeth who have a missing tooth in the middle by filling the gap with a false tooth. Reasons that you may wish to have a bridge placed between teeth can include: improving the appearance of your smile if it has become bothersome to you, resolving an issue with chewing or speaking due to the gap, distributing the impact evenly on all teeth when you are biting and to anchor teeth in position to avoid drifting out of the naturally-intended location. 

What is a dental bridge made of?

The process that the dental clinic utilizes to place a bridge within your mouth occurs by implementing two crowns, which are placed on either side of the gap, and a prosthetic tooth in the middle of those two crowns to fill the void. In order for the crowns and bridge to properly fit within your mouth, you will need to obtain an initial visit with the clinic to have impressions created of the teeth being treated, and your dentist will provide a temporary bridge to safely cover your teeth until the permanent mold has been formed. After the mold has been fashioned, you will return to the doctor for a second visit with the purpose of receiving the permanent crown and dental bridge. The team will ensure that the pieces are a perfect fit for your mouth and will proceed with placing the components. As the placement of a bridge is not a surgical operation, you will not need to go under the full effects of an anesthetic to proceed. However, for your comfort level, a local anesthetic is used to numb the gums surrounding the area being treated for an extended amount of time, and you will receive a numbing jelly prior to this shot so that you do not experience its pain. Once the doctor proceeds, your crowns and dental bridge will be cemented securely in place, and you will soon be on your way to a beautifully restored, healthy smile. 

What types of bridges are available?

There are three primary forms of bridges that the clinic will choose from for your particular mouth structure and situation. The most common type is the traditional bridge, which is held in place through the use of multiple crowns and fills the gap of one or more teeth that are missing. The cantilever varies to this by having only one crown on one side of the missing tooth, and the resin-bonded bridge uses porcelain or metal framework to hold the new tooth in place without using cement. Because the traditional style uses both cement and two crowns, it is the strongest and most resistant to future damage. In any case, most bridges last ten years or longer with proper hygiene maintenance and avoiding negative habits such as grinding your teeth and chewing on ice. For questions regarding which type of bridge may be suitable for your needs or to schedule your initial visit, contact us today!