Dental Cavities before and after with dental fill ins
dental Fill in close up
Before and after cavity and fill in
Dental fill in close up #2

Cost-Effective Composite Fillings in
Costa Rica

Obtaining your composite filling treatment in Costa Rica at Dental Coto is a cost-effective way to resolve a cavity that has been discovered within a tooth and maintain the natural appearance of the area within your mouth. The traditional filling style has a silver aesthetic and is more obviously noticeable when smiling and talking, and the composite filling has become more popular as it avoids informing onlookers that you have had a cavity or dental work at all. While the process of receiving this particular type of filling is a bit more time-consuming than others, patients are consistently pleased with the results and appearance.

What makes a composite style different?

While many people select to receive a composite filling in Costa Rica over a traditional amalgam filling for aesthetic advantages, most dentists also prefer them due to the positive difference in impact to the teeth. Amalgam fillings require more of the tooth’s surface and structure to be taken away in order to place the filling, but with composite style, only the diseased area of the tooth needs to be removed for the restorative treatment to take place. Because of this difference, the natural tooth structure is able to be preserved, and its integrity will remain for many years with the filling on top. Another disadvantage of amalgam is that heat causes it to expand and causes the tooth to crack, while composite is placed by bonding to the tooth and withstands pressure of this sort. Because composite is bonded, it also strongly supports the tooth structurally and creates a level of insulation and protection from cold and hot temperatures.

What is the process of receiving a composite filling?

Now that you’ve decided to select a composite style restoration, it’s helpful to understand the process of the treatment that you will undergo at Dental Coto and its highly-skilled team of healthcare professionals. When having this style of filling placed onto the tooth containing  cavity, the dentist will first use a numbing jelly or local anesthetic if needed to ensure that you feel no discomfort during the services. Once your mouth is numb, the team will place a dam within the mouth to isolate the area from saliva, and the dentist will proceed with removing the infection from the tooth. After it has been determined that the disease is completely gone, the team will clean the area and begin placing layers of the composite resin over the exposed portion of the tooth. The dentist will shine a light that cures each layer of the composite resin in place, and the resin will then be fashioned to resemble the natural tooth once the tooth is filled completely. While this process takes more time than traditional fillings, you can trust that it is worth the while and that you will be highly satisfied with the natural tooth appearance that it creates. After you leave the dental chair, the numbing effect will soon wear from your mouth, and you will be able to eat within several hours as you feel comfortable to do so. With the restored health of your tooth and a beautiful appearance, you will be smiling in no time. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your filling at our renowned dental clinic in Costa Rica.