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High Quality Dental Implants
in Costa Rica

If you are looking for an affordable treatment for your teeth replacement, look no further than the high-quality all on four, all on six, and all on eight dental implants in Costa Rica. Dental Coto is a world-class choice for all of your dental needs. Offering multiple options for implant treatments in a state-of-the-art facility, the healthcare providers within the clinic will restore your missing teeth and overall dental health at a low cost. Costa Rica, Central America has become a popular and reputable destination to travel for dental implants and many procedures, as affordable healthcare is able to be offered from distinguished medical practices at a significantly lower cost than what the current healthcare climate in America can provide due to the costs of business.

What makes dental implants different than other treatments?

If you are missing teeth due to decay, disease or severe damage to the mouth, implants can be a valuable solution to restoring your beautiful smile in a healthy way. You may have experienced multiple teeth being lost or damaged and significant discoloration of the teeth, and an implant restoration is a safe and highly-satisfying treatment option for your needs. Implants vary from the nature of dentures, as the process of placing them into your mouth involves bonding the implant with your jawbone. Dentures can be removed at any time, but the downside is that they can experience shifting, leading to problems with speech and biting. Because implants are permanent fixtures within your mouth and created specifically for the structure of your individual teeth, they are comfortable and feel natural to your mouth.

What is the difference between the dental implant options?

The all on four style contains false teeth that are reinforced by four implants and is the shortest of the fully fixed bridges. Some of the benefits provided by this option include: less time for the treatment to take place, assists with preventing future jawbone damage or loss of teeth, less likelihood of requiring a bone graft for the procedure and less costly than other options. The all on six option is typically suggested for patients who have enough bone mass to support six implants but who have experienced more damage than those opting for an all on four implants. An arch-like bridge is utilized to support the teeth being bonded to the jawbone. Due to the addition of two implants, the all on six lends a bit more stability than the first option. Next, the all on eight implant style is even more stable and recommended for the more severe cases of decay and missing teeth. The bond connecting the implants to the jawbone is the strongest of all and also requires the most bone structure to be grafted. For those who have experienced significant trauma, this option is not always available because of the amount of space within the jawbone needed to accomodate the implants. The team at Dental Coto will provide you with a comprehensive consultation to discuss your needs and options, and you can trust that you will be advised with the best possible solution for your mouth and case. Contact us today to set up a consultation or learn more!